As I was coming up with ideas for new ways to experiment with makeup, I figured why not base a look after the most delectable, amazing dessert in the planet? Smores!

Everyone who knows me knows that smores have been my favorite food lately. I live, eat, and breathe smores. So of course I had so much fun creating this look. Keep in mind that I am faaaar from a professional MUA, so this is all trial and error.

makeup fresh faced

As always, I start with a fresh canvas (fresh, meaning foundation on and eyebrows fleeked) and tape along the corners of my eyes to make the shadow appear sharp and clean in the end. Just a quick heads up, the tape will pick up some of your foundation, concealer, or highlight when you peel it off, so that’s a major concern for you, then it’s best to do that after applying the shadow.

For this look, I mainly used my Nubian 1 palette from Juvia’s Place. This palette has so many gorgeous, warm brown shades that give off this chocolaty vibe. I also used the shade Zuri from the Nubian 2 palette for the “marshmallow” part along the crease.

Nubian 1 palette

First, I start off by highlighting my brow bone with the lightest brown circled at the top. Since it was a matte shade, it turned out to be more of a transition shade rather than a highlight, but it gets the job done either way. Since I couldn’t choose between which of the bottom three shades to use, I just tossed all three of them bad boys on there at once and blended like my life depended on it.

makeup cut crease

Once I finished blending, I dabbed a little bit of my LA Girl Pro concealer on my hand and used an angled eyeliner brush to create the cut crease. Y’all, please don’t let these makeup gurus on YouTube and Instagram fool you, cut creases are hard as hell to do. This step alone took me at least a good 15 to 20 minutes. That’s per eye!

Anyways, once I got through the task of creating the cut crease, I used a few more of the dark brown shades to pack onto my eyelid with a flat shadow brush. To make the crease line look a little bit more “fluffy” (lame pun, I know), I used NYX liquid crystal liner in silver along the crease and while the liner was still slightly wet, I gently went over it with the shade Zuri from my other palette to create that soft, marshmallow effect. After adding eyeliner and lashes, we’re done with the eyes!

makeup lips

For the lips, I used a black lipstick as a base and then layered my forever favorite Colourpop matte lipstick in the color Limbo on top. On a sidenote, don’t sleep on these beauty supply store brands, because that black lipstick was amazingly pigmented and gave me exactly the dark chocolate lip color that I was going for.

makeup finished look smores

And here’s the finished look! I was actually pleasantly surprised with how it came out, considering this only my second time trying a cut crease. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section! I’m thinking about turning this into a series and coming up with different food inspired makeup looks to try out. Let me know if you’d like to see more looks like this and leave suggestions for different foods to try. I’m currently eyeing this peach cobbler in my fridge, thinking of a master plan.



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