Working at a “Breastaurant”

Once upon a time, I opened my dorm’s group chat to see if whether or not the girl who lives on the third floor was selling brownies this week and in the midst of my scrolling, I came across a post that said “Fun serving job position available. DM me if you’re pretty and outgoing”. […]

My Me Too Exp

My #MeToo Experience

When I came back home after my sophomore year in school, I was afraid of everything- but I had no clue why. I was afraid of the idea of dating again. I was terrified of men in general. I could be minding my business in public and if a man even slightly glanced in my […]

me maya

Blog Intro: My Story

So the main question running through your head right now is why did you decide to start a blog? Well, in order for me to get to that answer, we’ll have to look back in time. Let’s rewind back a few years. In 2014, my life was as close to perfect as it could get. […]